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    2016-17 Annual Alumni and Parent Phonathon:

    The King's College Phonathon is a calling program that raises support and awareness of the importance of the Annual Fund. Student callers and alumni volunteers reach out twice a year, in the fall and again in the spring, to solicit financial contributions on behalf of King's College. We thank you in advance for your support!

    What is King's College Annual Fund?

    Loyal alumni, engaged parents, enthusiastic friends and committed faculty and staff are asked each year to make a financial contribution to the Annual Fund because these contributions benefit all King's College students. Annual fund dollars support all aspects of the student experience: financial aid awards, course development, technological upgrades, lab equipment, chapel programs and sidewalk repair. There's hardly a corner of campus or a class in the course directory that you could mention that does not benefit from the Annual Fund. 

    Even more importantly, a robust Annual Fund keeps tuition costs in check so that King's can continue to provide a high quality education with the personal touch it has built its reputation on. 

    Why a Phonathon?

    Increasingly, alumni and parent participation in annual giving leads to increased rankings in national college surveys. The Annual Fund Phonathon program ensures that every effort has been made to reach all our alumni and parents to help make them feel connected to the college and to ask for their support of the school through a financial donation. 

    Why do people give to King's College?

    • They believe in King’s future – This is one of the most common reasons people pledge their support. King’s has changed the lives of many people and they show their support by giving back to the school. They want King’s to continue to transform the lives of future graduates.

    • They believe in a specific program or have interest in a particular department – They do this because they may have a special affinity to a certain area of the College: athletics, the arts, research, academics, mission. 

    • They want to invest in their own degree – By helping King’s College remain strong, the degree they themselves received remains valuable. Their gift is an endorsement of the quality of education they received at King's College.

    • They feel indebted to return a favor – Many alumni received financial aid or scholarships while they were students here. By giving back, they are helping provide similar opportunities to others. Parents also benefit from a strong Annual Fund: it keeps tuition as low as possible.
    The Faces of Phonathon:

    Meet Kimberly, a student caller during the 2013, 2014 and 2015 academic year

    Hometown: Ogdensburg, N.J.
    Class: Junior
    Major: Education
    Dormitory: O'Hara Hall
    Before Phonathon: "I was very shy. I could not even call for pizza!"
    After Phonathon: "I've learned that King's still cares about you even after graduation and that alumni still care about us."
    To Our Donors: "Even the smallest amount can go a long way. Thanks for the opportunity you've given us. There's so much that can happen because of that."

    Meet Jennifer, a student caller during the 2013, 2014 and 2015 academic year

    Hometown: Lebanon, Pa.
    Class: Junior
    Major: International Business and French
    Dormitory: O'Hara Hall
    Phonathon Gave Her: "Better communication skills. I've learned new ways to talk to people outside my comfort zone. These are transferable skills!"
    To Our Donors: Thank you for your donations as well as giving me the rite of passage to keep the Monarch spirit alive. Alumni do a lot for us and that makes me want to do a lot when I graduate."

    If you are interested in learning more about the King's College Phonathon program, please email Beth Doherty or call (570) 208-5900 x 5732. 

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